Photo essay: Pirate booty


"Avast! Captain Emme orders you to make haste. Do things."


Robert Louis Stevenson's San Francisco home is just around the corner, and above the front door there is a stained glass image of the Hispaniola -- the ship from Treasure Island. Whenever we pass by, I point out the picture to Emmeline, but she probably just thinks I have a thing for doors.

I've been thinking a lot about treasure recently, so when Emme ran to my lap yesterday with yet another Eric Carle book, I flipped through the pages and told her a story about animal pirates and stolen loot. The flamingo with the one leg. The boa constrictor with a penchant for mutiny. The poor, crazed, marooned elephant.

"One day you'll read the real thing," I whispered into her ear, "We'll read it together."

Until then, I promised I'd make her a pirate skirt and we'd find a ship and throw a mutiny party -- or whatever the correct phrasing is. Because we're hard core like that.



"My crew keeps grumbling about how I should 'walk the plank.'"



"Stupid crew and their 'For the love of god, Captain Emme, use the compass!' Please."



"The crew is bitching about scurvy, and I'm like, `Dudes, take a vitamin.'"



"The crew told me to relax, but it appears the ship is getting smaller."


  1. You made a pirate skirt? You really are a cool daddy. And I've never seen a little pirate layer with such flair...

    (Fabulous pictures.)

  2. The cuteness is rotting my brain!

    How much you want for one of those skirts cause I've officially decided that Cara must have one.

  3. OK, I had to read Taste Like Crazy's post twice to see she wasn't talking about me, but I think I need one too. One thing -- smiley face skulls? I'm making a black knitted sweater for my upcoming little pirate-girl, but she may need a Jolly Roger on it... grandma would plotz.

  4. The skirt is too good :-)

  5. OMG just too cute!! Ahoy matey! Permission to come aboard!
    Really, the skirt is quite impressive.

  6. Others have said it--but what an awesome skirt! I think I must have one for myself, too.

    Beautiful pics, too!

  7. Sorry, i was just struck dumb and awed at her cuteness and the complete and utter punk rockness of her whole ensemble.

    Man, she is but a cute one.

  8. Love the skirt - and oh how you have turned on my California homesickness today! I want ocean!

  9. Looks like you just opened an eBay store, my friend. Let me know when you start making a boy version.

    Too cute.

  10. As if there were ever boy pirates, come on!

  11. Holy shit, you have Jack Skellington patches for her skirt! you sir, are father of the year

  12. Finally -- someone said it ...

  13. Not sure if I have commented before... but awesome pics!

    And P.S. September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

  14. love, love, love the skirt!!!!

    you should make her a shirt w/jack's dog on it!

    What's Emme going to be for halloween?

  15. Very good question. Right now it's a toss up between Emily Dickinson and Count Chocula.

  16. Dude.

    Make six more skirts and sell them on eBay. You'll net $600. At least.

    You think I'm kidding, and I so TOTALLY AM NOT.

    ps - send one to me, too.

  17. Uncle Tom says:

    But why is the run gone?

  18. Uncle Tom says:

    But why is the RUM gone? I can spell. Clearly I have just had too much rum. Or is it run?

  19. Damn, I thought it was a fluke, but you're the real thing. I love your child, your words and oh-my-god-the-places-you-go-and-the-pictures-you-take, though upon reflection me thinks it may all just go back to the kid.

    She's pure gold.

  20. Great! Now you've got my wife asking me "why don't you make something like that for OUR daughter..."

  21. Maybe you have a career in fashion design if the writing thing doesn't pan out! Great outfit. I am so jealous.

  22. It's settled. Edan will be a pirate for Halloween.

  23. that skirt rocks! I love it! She is deliciously adorable! I love seeing new pics!

  24. LOVE the outfit. And the captions. Arrgh that's good stuff!

  25. you are one crazy mofo. that comment is wholly unrelated to how cute the outfit is.

  26. You do realize that custom costume design just gets more and more demanding as they age? Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your daughter is adorable.

  27. Cool skirt! You're quite the crafty dad. :o )

  28. Holy crap! Those pictures are cute. And that outfit — WANT ONE FOR MYSELF!

  29. OK, it's official. The world needs more stay at home dads who sew. You are an awesome dad and kick ass seamstress. Er, seamster? Lucky little baby and a lucky Mrs. you have there.

  30. Add me to the list! Stella must have one! In really should think about starting your own little line but, then I guess little Emme won't be a one of a kind huh...Oh well Stella will be jealous in her Target jogging suit, sigh. :)


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