Not bad for a first parade


On Market Street, slipping in and out of the morning brume and festooned with ribbons and rainbows, pinwheels and pennants, they strolled like characters in a storybook, bouncing and laughing down the groaning thoroughfare like people who knew everything would turn out OK in the end.

One man held a sign: “Congratulations to all the newlyweds!”

A woman nearby, waiting for the crowds to push ahead and the parade to begin, studied the multitudes and turned to her partner.

“What an awesome fucking year,” she whispered.

“The best,” said her partner.

Tens of thousands, streaming, dancing, laughing and flashing, holding hands, kissing, singing — a giddy, elated movement rolling inexorably forward and adding one more to its number.

“Emme likes to wave,” she said later, rubbing her eyes. “Emme likes to pride parade.”





  1. Those are truly amazing photos.

  2. She absolutely owns those shades, and she has the wave nailed!

    Amazing to think Emme’s generation could be the one that won’t see the need for parades.

  3. “Emme likes to pride parade” = AWESOME

  4. thanks for marching with us – it was truly a blast and an historic year!!

  5. Please pardon me if I never ever comment again – I just died from THE CUTENESS!

  6. We’ll be there next year! Hope to see you guys then. Our dream is that our daughter will one day be one of the Dykes on Bikes, if she so desires :)

    p/s Miek, where did you get that awesome trike???

  7. Love, love, LOVE this!!

    …and with the combo of the striped leggings and sweater,
    she looks like the cutest pack of lifesavers ever.

  8. debinsf says:

    YaY! Super fab.

  9. this is absolutely adorable. what a great message to instill right from the start.

  10. Oh, man, were you with the Tykes on Bikes? I totally want to do that next year — shame we were out of town!

  11. Yup. It was a blast! Definitely doing it again next year.

    I posted something about our adventures with sweaty, half-naked disco freaks at The Poop today.

  12. AWESOME. :)

  13. Damn! I’ve been sick all week so we missed it. We talked about going, but to watch, didn’t even consider riding in it!!! We had our own pride parade at home though; the girls wrapped themselves in rainbow parachutes and marched around the house. So jealous, hopefully next year!

  14. Her sunglasses, combined with the expression on her face, are the most fierce part of this outfit. Sorry we missed the opportunity to meet – my son was wearing the same rainbow-striped baby legs as arm warmers, topped with his fabulous gold cape. We skipped the trike due to the whole East Bay commute thing. Anyhow, Emme and Julian could have been a match made in heaven. He loved being in the rainbow parade.

    See you at BlogHer!

  15. I love those pictures…they’re fantastic. My kids and I were at the Pride Parade here in Victoria, all rainbowed up and sharing the love. It’s a fun day with a great group of folks.

    Emme looks soooo happy “to Pride Parade”. :)

  16. Awesome pics. And how cool, for her one day to be able to say, “I was there!” Such a great year to participate.


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