Apparently this is now a craft blog


But this is how I spent the week — adding buttons and piping to blue jeans to make a sailor outfit, because didn’t you know a tea party is nothing without a sailor?

It’s an exciting life.

Stay tuned to KQED Radio next week, as I record another radio essay on Tuesday. It should run soon afterward. And seriously, kid, how much tea can you drink?


  1. totally stunning!

    I just made max a hat with skulls. rockin’.

    You could become one of those bloggers with, like, 7 blogs. That would be awesome!

  2. Shhhhh, don’t tell the Speak kids you need a sailor outfit for a tea party! I have them convinced you don’t even need tea!

  3. oh my GOD! she is such a little GIRL now.

  4. Don’t I know it. Dana came home from work yesterday and said, She grew today, didn’t she?

  5. Ohmigosh, she looks gorgeous!!! Will you please customize some clothing for my kid?????

  6. Answer: A “boat load”. They can drink a “boat load” of tea. I’ve been there. I feel you. Loads of tea. Loads and loads of tea.
    Love your writing Mike.

  7. Kia, I’ll post when my etsy shop is open.

  8. I don’t know what’s cuter, the clothing or the kid.
    No, definitely the kid. (But the outfit is a close second!)

  9. Hi, I’m a new reader, and I just have to gush over your daughter… she is SO CUTE! She makes my teeth hurt.



  10. lalalola says:

    Emme looks adorable in that outfit, props to your amazing taste/clothes-making skills. I would totally wear something like that (Ok, maybe not. But it’s ridictulously cute!). Then again, i’m in my second year of college and I still get mistaken for a middle schooler, so kiddie clothes wouldn’t really be helping.

  11. No one ever taught me how to sew…I wish I could. I have two girls who would look great in your designs! They could even model it to sell for you! Please, PLEASE make a huge announcement when you have a shop to sell in! O want to be the first in line!

  12. The buttons are nice, but the elephant makes the outfit.

  13. don’t they always…

  14. I’m so impressed that you know what piping is. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this stuff anymore.

  15. Love the outfit. I wish I were crafty!

  16. Oh Mike, Yay! You shoulda told us.. now we’ll be wanting a full tutorial.


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