More than you wanted to know


I'd like to say "this is where the magic happens," but I'm sure Dana has a different phrase for it -- something like "two seconds of awkwardness followed by profound, soul-crushing disappointment."

Still, last week she made this awesome duvet cover and all the pillow cases for us.

Something needed to make her happy in bed.


  1. I love it! You guys are so talented. I need a sewing machine and start practicing!

  2. Awesome fabric is all some people need, I hear. It is gorgeous. And so's that girl, as always.

  3. (Ignoring certain comments)
    Did you use a template or pattern, or just sew a big square? And what did you use for the bottom? Buttons and button holes? Zipper? Velcro? (I want to make one for my daughter's room)

  4. Oops, just read that SHE made them. Apply all questions to Dana, please. :)

  5. Cool fabric! The little gnomes/santas in the background are funny.

  6. Love the fabric. It's gorgeous. Who is it?

  7. I forget the name of the fabric -- something we picked up from our local fabric store downtown. But the design is from the book "simple sewing" by Lotta Jansdotter. Basically a big rectangle stitched together with buttons at the bottom to secure it.

  8. I think I just snorted.

  9. Yesterday I followed the link from your previous post to your story titled,
    'A Year Ago Today..' and I have to say it's one of the most romantic and heartfelt pieces about a man's love for his wife that I have ever read. A partner who can write like that is a rare you've got that going for you. :)

  10. I think we need a duvet cover, since our new quilt is way too big to fit in a regular washing machine, and I'm sure our kids will help us in the effort to make sure it needs washing every few weeks... the expense combined with my desire for a duvet cover is enough to crush my soul more than you ever will Dana's. Does that help crash your pity party?

    If not, just remind her next time how much the new duvet cover is driving you wild, and she will be so insane with desire that it will erase any past or future disappointments.

  11. I'm not so sure "You give great duvet cover" is what she's looking from me ... but we'll see.

    The cool thing about making your own is that it's less than a third of anything you can find in the store or online. The ironing and sewing was a bitch -- but again, one third.

  12. Wait a second...She's crafty too??? This is unreal! Emme's gonna be like the next Martha Stewart...only way cooler and retro.

  13. And hopefully with fewer incarcerations.

  14. I never thought two and a half paragraphs could make me squirm uncomfortably. Thanks.
    And tell Dana she does great work.


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