Recession Owl Giveaway

dsc_0131Apparently this owl is haunted.*

In hindsight, it must have sounded rather weird, to hear a toddler running up and down the thrift store, poking through the racks and asking, “Is this an owl? Is this an owl?”

She’d fondle the fabric on a skirt and look up at me hopefully, “Is this an owl, daddy?”

Then she’d move to the slacks and sport coats. “How about these, daddy? Are these all owls? They sure look like owls to me!”

A grandmotherly eavesdropper intervened at one point, saying “Well no, sweetie — that is a sun dress. Owls have … well, they’re owls!

Then the woman gaped at me, as if to wonder what on earth I had put into my child’s head. Clearly, in her mind, a toddler should know the difference between a second-hand designer knock off and living creatures.

It seemed like too much work to explain it all.

As you can see in this “before” picture, Emmeline found the fabric for the latest owl in a navy blue, pin-striped sport coat. I wanted to make something that could serve as both a toy and an accent pillow, because, well, why not?

Leave a comment and I’ll randomly select the winner. Contest closes Wednesday night.

*I opened the shutter for five seconds while taking this picture and with about one second to go noticed a flash in the corner of my eye. Emme could not wait for a hug. I think it works, though.





  1. me. Me! ME!!!!! Pick me.

  2. me me me… i have a very depressed friend who NEEDS this owl!!!

  3. oh i SO want the owl! it’s amazing!!

  4. If I leave a comment, is there any chance I can get the chair? Mmmm, Eames. But I love the owl, too, and I hope I win it!!

  5. Nice try …

  6. Love this owl! He looks like a cartoon…the face practically leaps out of the photo. You have monster skillz, yo. : )

    and how cool is it that you have so many eager arms hoping to give him a happy home?

  7. what would be better than having an owl that Emme picked out the material?!?!? Seriously

  8. What a wonderful owl! I want him! I love that Emme picked out the material.

  9. I must have that owl. My son would go insane for it, plus it’s awfully cute.

  10. Ohhhh, that OWL!! I had one when I was a little girl (not as cute as that) that my grandmother made for me. it is threadbare and in my mom’s storage unit

  11. Another loyal Poop reader (catmom06) and Owl lover here! I love your entries on The Poop, and have admired your sewing creativity ever since Emmeline had her pirate togs featuring Jack Skellington.

    … and your recent post about tea at The Plaza was wonderful!

  12. Jasmine Tanguay says:

    Hoo Hoo! Hoo Hoo! That spectacular owl would be a much-adored addition to our family–and treasured for many years to come! Thanks for offering it so generously!

  13. If I am given the owl, I will make name it Allen Ginsberg for I intend to scar my children with terrible literary puns.

  14. What a great owl! My son would love to snuggle that little guy!

  15. shanghaicowgirl says:

    My little one has a tiger named tiger, an alligator named pie, two babies named Tiny and Heavy, respectively. And a monster named Josh. And a hand knit, stuffed ninja who she insists is also a baby. I think she needs an owl, please.

  16. I’m an avid reader of your site and love it. I’d also love to win that darling owl for my darling granddaughter – She’d love Emme too I’m sure. They’d make quite a pair altho’ Mady has only just turned 12mo.
    Anyway, pick me please! :)
    Thanks for such a cool giveaway and for being such a cool dad. Emme and Dana are lucky girls.
    Take care,
    cokelush at gmail

  17. Did you make the owl? If so, that’s fantastic! It’s so cool to see this movement toward handmade goods! My daughter loves soft toys too! In fact, she was given an amazing owl last Christmas by my amazingly talented and crafty cousin. Would be great if she had a sibbling owl for companionship. And thanks for your insightful blog and entries on the Poop. I printed your entry on how to get through the Academy of Sciences with a 2-1/2 year old, and used it as my guide when I visited the place!

  18. Give a hoot…..don’t pollute!!!

    Love the owl Mike….

  19. If I got the owl I would share with the Santa Cruz Cabal.

  20. Love the owls. I may have to get off my tuchus and make one, though …

  21. Love the owl!

  22. Is that my owl?

  23. There are 2 wee ones in my house (ages 3 & 1) that would LOVE this owl! Throw my name in the hat!

  24. Mary Helen says:

    Wow, look at all these comments. I realize my chances of winning are slim and none, so I, too, am going to start begging you to open an Etsy shop. I would be a loyal customer–and have the coolest dressed daughters in the Ozarks.

  25. Please, please! Pick me!
    Loyal Poop Fan

  26. Haha! I love the owl – he makes me laugh!