How to make your daughter's day




I wish I had a camera on her when Emme came in the door to see this. Her grammy had taken her out for breakfast, while Dana and I prepared the house for a party. She had been saying for months that she wanted a ballet party, and with a little Ikea magic, we were able to transform one wall into a "studio." It took about 10 minutes but will require a solid four hours of sanding and painting to return it to original form. Oh well. She was over the moon.





  1. Christine says:

    how come you didn't just leave it?

  2. That is totally awesome.

  3. LEAVE IT!!!Too cute not to!!! And just think of the photo ops! ADORABLE!!!

  4. Seriously, I think I would leave it! That just looks like hours of fun for a three-year-old.