New York Times essay on drinking

I had an essay today in the New York Times wonderful parenting blog, Motherlode, and wanted to share the link here.

If you’re just stopping in for the first time, you can read more about the drinky drinky here and here. This last one is supposed to be uplifting, but I’ve been told in so many words that it’s out and out depressing. So there you go. Welcome.

You can see some of my sewing projects here and here and here.

You can hear some of my NPR stuff here and here.

And you can read about some of my adventures with the coolest kid on the planet here, here, here, and here.

Photos of Emmeline’s hand made Halloween costume to come tonight!


  1. Amazing writing, Mike. Thank you for writing this. Some day we’ll have to sit down, have some cranberry juice together and swap stories.

    I’m looking forward to that day.

  2. The Times essay is great. For the record, I think that it’s probably a good thing when our kids see our faults as well as our strengths. So if she remembers it, all the better. One day she’ll know what you did for her.

    I do also think that last playground story is uplifting. “You’re free” was poetry.

  3. Beautiful piece. Saw the link on Twitter through Lisa Belkin. I’m new to your site but so glad to have found it. Will read your back-blogs; love your writing.


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