I’ve been afraid of this …

dsc_0193Just like every other time for the past nearly four years, I swung open the door to the men’s bathroom and ushered her inside, stopping only when I saw her look up and say, “I’m a big girl now, daddy, I want to use the girl’s bathroom.”We were on the fifth floor of the San Francicsco Museum of Modern Art, just the two of us in a small hallway. I’m not sure you can call this “going by herself” considering I opened the door to the women’s room, eye-scanned it and said “Hello? Hello?” like some bathroom-duty secret service officer and then stood guard by the door, all while taking pictures and posting them online for the entire world to see. But still. I heard her do everything by herself, and when she appeared beaming at the door, I could tell she was super proud. Big girl indeed. I can’t believe there will be a time in my life when this won’t seem like such a big deal.


  1. I cannot tell you enough how wonderful it is that you scanned, checked, and kept the door open. You don’t strike me as the type to take odd glances as intimidating, but still I’m going to say it anyway – don’t ever let anyone discourage you from doing this – even WITH women in the restroom. I’ve had to do the same thing for my son in the reverse – and he’s 10! You probably won’t ever get that feeling of ‘not a big deal’ in this day and age… by the time she’s old enough (and you’re assured enough) then she’ll be married and having little ones of her own for you to be concerned with all over again. 😉