The most fabulous time of year


We're not the kind of family to put Christmas lights up before Thanksgiving, but nothing can stop us from sewing holiday dresses before the last pumpkin pie is consumed. (I say last because everyone eats 15, right? Right.)

I took inspiration for this one from a similar dress I made a few years ago. And by inspiration, I mean Emmeline told me to make her another powder blue dress with snowflakes and a ribbon belt.

So here it is, with a few alterations.



And now:


I'd never made a dress with one shoulder before but I was pleased with the way it turned out. With the pleated skirt and the belt, I think it works. Especially for tight-rope walking.



  1. A very nice dress indeed, however, I can just see you cringe in another 10 years when she ask's, "Dad remember that saucy one piece shoulder dress you made me that one time? Well I want another! And I found this nice dress on the web4.5 for only $374.99 at Waldo's Mart.

  2. LOVE IT!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Mike!!

  3. I think your inflation rates scare me more than the idea of a saucy dress, mile high ...

  4. 2x4 walking in a redesigned dress rules! Hope y'all have a happy Thanksgiving.

  5. I keep forgetting it's actually a 2x4 balance beam. She keeps calling it a tight rope because she wants to join the circus. One of these days, I may let her ...


  6. My how that kid is growing! Stop feeding her or something, she's a little girl now!

  7. We've decided as a family that this is the last year she can grow.

  8. I made the kids all matching Thanksgiving outfits a couple years ago. I remember THIS MORNING that I bought fabric last year to do the same thing this year. And it's the day before. I guess I should take a cue from you and get cracking. But maybe I won't let them walk the tightrope in the living room. (Just the plank.)

  9. Perfect for a dare devil!

  10. In case you're wondering ... size 10 please!

  11. I agree, you seriously need to stop feeding that kid. She can't get bigger. She can't! (Adorable dress.)

  12. I want one too. What a perfect christmas dress.

  13. Her grandma wants one, too, actually. I may be up to my ears in blue snowflake fabric this year!

  14. Dude, those are some skills you have.

  15. So inspiring! I'm determined to sew a dress for the RocketBaby this year, and I have all of two weekends to do it before Christmas festivities commence. You're helping to light a fire under the sewing machine!

  16. Isaacsdad says:

    The kid has skills, what can you say? I need to remember to set this up on rainy days like today. Talk about a fun way to play away the afternoon. Super fun idea.

  17. So cute! I really need to learn how to sew.

  18. came over from Jezebel. My dad taught me how to box too:) My great skill in college was changing plugs on applicances (euro wiring), switching out fuses etc. Neither male nor female in our shared house could do it. I was a country kid. We did everything.
    Every kid should be able to sort laundry, know how to use proper cutlery so that they are never intimidated dining out, read a map, sew on a button (you've that well covered), balance a checkbook/use money software, be able to paint their house, put together furniture, know screwdrivers apart, understand medicinal versus drug, send thank you cards, and get filthy mucky at every possible moment of their happy childhoods.

  19. Bad. Ass. Girl. She is totally going to run away and join the circus on you.

  20. A beautiful dress. And the clothes reveal how much nicer the weather must be where you are than where we are!

  21. What a bummer it got all hot chocolatey and muddy, that dress is adorable!