UPDATED: Outside In: A free Xbox 360 Kinect Family Bundle giveaway


A big thanks to all who entered the contest for a free Xbox Kinect. I’ll be in touch with the winner via email very soon to discuss shipping details.

This turned out much better — and much easier — than I expected, so stay tuned. I may be doing this in the future, pending the release of some new Kinect goodies. Fun stuff on the way.

And now … here’s the winner!

It’s Christine, from Feb. 28. (Here is a screen grab of the Random.org number selector I used.)


Before I get to why I’m giving away a brand spanking new, debuted today Xbox 360 Kinect Family Bundle video game system, here’s a quick cheat sheet for those who just want to quickly enter: Leave a comment below. That’s it. I’ll select a winner at random later this week.

Now onto the story …

It’s been ridiculously beautiful in the Bay Area these past few weeks, with sunshine and beach weather and worried polar bears wandering around neighborhoods, tapping people on shoulders: “Psst, hey buddy, have you seen any ice caps around here? Do you have any seal? How fast can you run, anyway?”

Yeah, that warm.

But the rains will come, as they always do. One year, it seemed to rain for months on end, and we’re fine with that. We love to go to Marin County to hike when the rivers flood and and the ground is soupy brown. There are all sorts of animals and critters we see on rainy day hikes that we never see on dry hikes.

But sometimes it’s difficult to get outside, when it’s cold and howling with wind, and inside it’s so pleasant and cozy and overflowing with hot chocolate. Mmmmm, chocolate…

And yet … we are still an active family that gets a little stir crazy.

A few months ago, I found a convenient, incredibly fun way to stay active indoors on rainy days, and I’m happy to be able to share one with you.

I’ve written before about how much I love my Xbox Kinect video game system, and now I’m giving one away.

But not just any system. It’s a new Xbox 360 Kinect Family Bundle, which features a new design and includes two free games with it.

Here, look at what you could win:

Isn’t it shiny?

Seriously, we have so much friggin’ fun with this thing it’s silly. Emme and I team up for river raft adventures that leave us sweaty and giggling. And then we compete against each other in downhill skiing — we love it.

So here’s the deal to enter:

All you have to do is leave a comment below. It can be any comment really. Tell me what you’d say to that polar bear, for instance. Or, more helpfully, tell me how you stay active during rainy stretches. Or which video games you were so proud of beating as a kid (Mike Tyson Punch Out). It doesn’t matter. Just say something and there you go — you’re entered.

I’ll close the contest when the clock strikes midnight PST on Saturday March 3, and then I’ll use one of those number randomizers to select the winner.

And voila. Happy people in the internet.

You haven’t lived until you’ve jumped your legs crazy on the Adventures game pack. I’ve actually used that game to work out for my Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon — that’s how much it works you. Add a jumpy 5-year-old to the mix and you will laugh so hard you just might pee. (Xbox needs to put that on the box: Buy Me. I’m pee inducing.)

So there you go. Contest is now open.

Good luck!

Full disclosure: I received a free Xbox Kinect system a few months ago for a separate post, but I’m not being compensated or given a freebie for this post or contest. I seriously just love the freaking thing and was thrilled to be able to give one away.



  1. Adam Steinharter says:

    Give it to me and I’ll let you bat leadoff this season. With Ridgeway back you could lead the league in runs scored

  2. Shawna Elise says:

    Yes. I would like to have this. Pick me.

  3. What a great giveaway.

  4. Even though it has been a relatively mild winter on the east coast, it would be awesome to have this to keep the kiddos active on cold and rainy days.

  5. We go to Ikea and play/shop in the kids section or go to an indoor kids play place.

  6. I’m pretty sure the only video game I’ve ever beaten was Super Mario Brothers 2, and I’m also pretty sure a brain dead monkey could beat that one. I’m no good at video games, but I like then anyway.

  7. We live in a place where the summers are 7mths long and the temperature is over 100 for very long stretches… Any indoor activities that don’t involve sitting slack-jawed on the couch watching Thomas the Tank Engine sound..heavenly, actually.

  8. Carrie Wright says:

    I would love a XBox 360 w/ Kinect so that even while my son is playing his video games, he is still being active and not just sitting on his butt exercising only his thumbs. I hope I get picked!!! Thanks!

  9. You write wonderfully :). I love reading all the Dadding posts!

  10. We’ve got the PS3, but would be willing to cross over to the dark side, if it’s free!

  11. I would not say anything to a polar bear. I would run. I would run really really fast. But I’d need the X-box kinect to get me into shape to outrun him!

  12. As a kid I loved to play this back to the future video game.

  13. Valeria Franco says:

    I will love to have one of these, i’ve always wanted one!

  14. Give it to me. While my kids still live at home. And love me. For the most part.

    Beats chocolate . . .

  15. Consider my comment posted – for the sole purpose of winning your prized X-Box 360 Kinect Family Bundle and for no other purpose at all =)… Ok – now I’ll read the rest of the article & see if I have anything else intelligent to add heretofore…

  16. Hah! We’re giving one away on DadCentric too, but I figured I was ineligible to win it. Problem solved. Now send that thing to me, pronto. (Or you could just bring it along to Austin and we can play the jumping up and down game in the hotel.)

    BTW, do I need a TV for this? Will a monitor work?

  17. Where I live, this is still snow season. With a five-month winter, I need some way of keeping active indoors. Or maybe I just need to move away from the land of five-month winters.

  18. Stacey Davis says:

    I have been wanting a Kinect system for over a year! I had a baby in July and I just can’t seem to make it to the gym anymore. This would be a great way to work out and keep my little guy(and husband) entertained!

  19. Hi, I’d love to win that XBox 360! And to the polar bear, I’d say, “Hey polar bear. Do you want some of my brisket? Yeah, you can have it all. I’m just going to leave.”

  20. Destiny says:

    I live in Mass and as i look out the window now we are in the 29th hour of consistent snowfall…I am 6 months pregnant and my husband has gained more baby weight than i have! If anyone needs a little motivation to stay active in the cold it’s us! So I’m throwing my hat in the ring and hoping for so luck!

  21. Rich & Shell says:

    Hey this is an awesome giveaway! Our family of 5 would enjoy this! Please let is win…I beg you! Gas is so expensive it cost so much just to go do fun things we like to do as a fam…

  22. This would be a welcome upgrade from my Atari 2600.

  23. I’ve been reading – and enjoying – your blog for years now and I feel like such an a-hole commenting just for the opportunity to win something I didn’t know I so desperately needed. My 4.5 yr old is currently dismantling our couch and the 2 yr old is under the dining room table, wearing a pair of my underwear, eating the dog’s fish oil capsules by the handful…all because it’s too windy and cold to go outside and because I can’t do one. more. art. project.

    So long story short, I love your blog and I’ve been a bigger a-hole for lesser things, so consider my hat officially thrown in the ring.

  24. Woo hoo! My kiddos would love this. Who am I kidding- my husband would love this most! :o) Thanks for the opportunity.

  25. I’ll never forget the day I “conquered” Contra on the original Nintendo system. But I couldn’t have done it without “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, select, start”! I’m sure my kids would love to “conquer” the Kinect on rainy days.

  26. I would love an XBOX! I follow your page on Facebook I love it!

  27. I have my good ole trusty Wii, but have been considering replacing it with a Kinect…. winning one would be an awesome way to keep active in these miserable Alaskan winter days!

  28. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I nearly lost it when I finally beat that game. I would love a 360!