Reader Craft: Beta Dad takes on the modern silhouettes


One of my favorite blogs — Beta Dad — took on the silhouette project from Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects for a special Mother’s Day present.

The process? Hilarious.

The results? Amazing.

Now, Andy is no slouch when it comes to crafting. He built tricycles for his kids from scratch. So I’m honored he would say such nice things about the project and the book. Thank you!

You’ll also notice he texted me to help figure out a conundrum. Until I get the craft page of this site up and running — a place where I will hopefully be able to answer all manner of questions — please feel free to reach out to me on Facebook and I’ll help any way I can. Seriously. Any time.

Crafting rocks. We should do it more and help each other out.

And speaking of amazing blogs …

These dads have crazy crafting skills.

Check out the early reviews of Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects below!

Dadapalooza — “His book is really great– it features over 30 Do It Yourself, build it with your kids projects of all stripes, sizes, and levels of difficulties.  From making goo slime in your kitchen to popsicle stick bridges in the kids room to a rope swing or a fruit crate scooter for outdoors – this book really does have a variety of projects to try.”

8bitdad — “The best thing about Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects is that no matter your handiness level, no matter whether you’re more at-home in a workshop, garden, art studio or a kitchen, there’s something for everyone – and even the difficult projects are presented in a way that isn’t terribly daunting.”

DadScribe — “I like to think part of what Mike’s book is about is branching out, adventuring, learning with your kids and, ultimately, having fun.” Exactly yes! Go check out those Star Wars crayons!

Dad on the Run — “The book contains over 25 projects and is going to provide us with years of things to do on a rainy day and great things to build while I teach J Bean and Link how to be “handy” (I’m glad for the help, because I’m honestly not that handy of a guy). Personally, I’m looking forward to making an Ol’ Fashioned Crate Scooter and J Bean says we should definitely put the low tech homemade ice-cream on the list!” You need to head over there now to see the cuteness overload.

Dos Bad Dads — “Mike’s first book is badass. Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects is exactly that — a collection of craft projects that aren’t cutesy. No memory books here. He’ll show you how to make a seesaw. Circus stilts. A terrarium. A scooter. A cape shirt. Holy shit, a sweeeeet cape shirt.”

Photo: Beta Dad


  1. If I did those things like 4 more times, I would get them just right.