The reviews are in!

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Parade Magazine, Denver Post, Cool Mom Picks, How to Be a Dad, Rookie Moms, Martha Stewart Living's Pinterest page (it's something!), and so many wonderful, amazing blogs.

"Love this for Father's Day!"

"So fun!"


Guys, honestly, I was expecting some form of online coverage of Dad's Book of Awesome Projects. I'm a blogger, after all, and the blogging community is simply amazing. I'm a former reporter. I know a little bit about how pitches work.

But what I wasn't expecting, what totally threw me for a loop, left me shaking my head and feeling a profound sense of joy and pride and fear and happiness was this:

"The kids fight over who gets to take the book to bed."

"They've been thumbing through it all day."

"She's putting stickies on the projects she wants to build."

Little notes from parents -- some from friends, some from strangers -- letting me know how much their kids enjoy the book and what they plan on making this summer or after school. One boy immediately made a balance board out of cardboard and tape.

I won't lie. It's fun and gratifying to see the big time coverage of the book online and in print. There's hopefully more to come.

But to hear these stories about kids wrapping their eyes around creative possibilities and thinking about which crafts to make -- to think I might in some way spread the same joy I felt as a child when thumbing through the Boy Scout Manual or an old-timey encyclopedia of crafts -- well, it's just overwhelming.

Out of all of this, my biggest hope deep down is that the book and the crafts and the process will live up to the wishful thinking of these crafty kids.

Here's a great review from Parade Magazine about the book and our crafting home life.


  1. Well-deserved praise! Got two copies this weekend, one for us, and one for our neighbor, who was very responsible when she watered our plants last weekend. Her mom thumbed through it and not only asked if I got it for her, not her daughter, but also said she's going to get a copy for everyone come Christmas. Major bonus: we host a two-yard Easter egg hunt, and the cupcakes are definitely on the menu for next year.

    My girls are still too young for some of the crafts, but we're already stockpiling crayon bits. Congratulations and thanks!