Super hero cape with secret pocket!


I broke out the sewing machine this week for the first time in nearly four months -- a horrible, forced sabbatical caused by home renovations and book marketing efforts.

It was like greeting a long lost, good friend -- a good friend that teaches you all the cool curse words.

In short, it was awesome.

With only a few days before school was out for summer, I had to finish a project I had auctioned away at our annual school fund-raiser: a personalized super hero cape.

But I felt so guilty for taking so long with it that I tinkered with the design and added something special.

A secret pocket.

Every super hero cape needs a secret pocket. From the back, all you can see is the personalized cape logo. But to the cape wearer, all you have to do is slip a hand inside and find whatever secret power you have stashed away.

Here's what I did.


First I cut out the cape to the right size, etc, etc, etc, and then embellished the right side of the back with a personalized logo -- in this case a J. On the right side of the inside fabric -- the fabric that will be worn against the back of the super hero -- I added a little pocket in the corner before sewing the two cape pieces together.


It's a small pocket, accessible only to the wearer and just the right size for secret stashes of super ... things. Frogs? I don't know. Super hero stuff. Whatever you'd like.


It occurred to me a tad too late that if you put anything too heavy in the pocket, it will pull the cape down tightly against the wearer's neck.


But let's just hope the wearer's super powers will keep him safe, or at least that his super power doesn't have anything to do with litigation.

"I am Tort Man!"

Uh oh ...

After seeing this one, Emme wanted her own. It's going to be a super summer for sure!


  1. since i'm not handy with a sewing machine (or machines, since our house has several), i'll ask the mrs to do this particular project, given that she wrote the book on sewing and all.

  2. Seriously. And feel free to share the link to her books!