It can be a great year for women's soccer


Credit: US Soccer


Despite all my moaning and groaning about the lack of support for the best national soccer team we have, I am incredibly optimistic about this year and what it can do for the future of the sport.

In previous World Cup years, there was a palpable excitement. People watched and tweeted about the games in record numbers. Players and techniques became media and household discussions across the country. The impact this has to have on young girls who are told day in and day out that their bodies are about appearance, not ability, has to be huge.

But also ... bottom line, the games are fun!

Fox Sports has already announced they will broadcast a record number of Women's World Cup games, not just on their sports-only channels but on the main Fox channel as well.

Then, on Monday, it was announced that all the run-up games to the Women's World Cup will be televised as well, and I thought it was important to give Fox Sports a big shout out. This sort of coverage is as it should be, and it's nice to see it finally happening.

Anyone who has been paying attention to the women's national team through crappy, fuzzy foreign broadcast streams knows the play has been shaky. We haven't been at the top of our game, as evidenced by our drop from #1 to #2. So it's incredibly important to work out the kinks before the Cup begins and now, thankfully, we get to see that happening.

I can already feel the excitement building as the tournament approaches.

Dog gone runner


Best running partner ever!

Usually her mother's job


Emme asked if I could help with the bridle, because she just can't reach that high, especially when the pony rears her head.

"You just have to put the bit in her mouth like this. See? Your fingers don't even get near the teeth."

It was about this time she realized her dad is not as brave as he pretends to be.

Except for the horses, this place is so beautiful.