Two years ago, during her last show, she fell off her horse five or six times.

We lost count.

She swore off shows.

"I just want to ride," she said.

They say if you fall off a horse, you need to get back on.

They don't say anything about a long, slow two years of regaining your confidence, of putting in the work day after day, year after year -- until, one day, suddenly, she says she wants to try again.

Before the big jump


Coming this May!

Dad's Books collection

Dad's Book of Awesome Recipes debuts on May 1!

The advance copies arrived the other day, and I have to admit that when the kid pulled one aside and said, "Whoa. Just ... whoa. We have to make this!" I was all at once elated and surprised.

After all, we already did make that!

But whatever, there's always room for more rainbow pancakes.

Can't wait to share more in the coming weeks and months. I know this feeling is trite and overdone and cloying, but we really do spend most of our time in the kitchen. We cook together, eat together, come up with crazy experiments and just fiddle around with new combinations just for fun. The kitchen is our lab and our gathering place. And I'm incredibly excited to share some of the amazing things we've done over the years together.