The money pit


At this point, we might as well just open our wallets and toss in some money.

Every day, there's a new surprise.


Or we could just pretend the whole home renovation project is an excuse for messing around with power tools, nails, and stray tentacles of Romex.

This is a hole in our master bathroom floor upstairs. Emme wants to add a slide or a fire pole to get to the kitchen below. Honestly, anything in the morning that gets me as close to coffee as fast as possible ... I'm all for it.

Dire wolves were real!


I'm as big a Game of Thrones nerd as anyone and can't wait for the new season this weekend.

But I was surprised to learn on the kid's field trip to the California Academy of Sciences that dire wolves were real. I seriously thought the large, fury friends of all the northern Stark children were a made-up daemon-like device.

Turns out these larger wolves were around all over North and South America for almost 2 million years, dying out about 10,000 years ago.

Also turns out that any visitor to the La Brea tar pits in Los Angeles already knew this ....

Whatever. I'm slow and stupid and can't freaking wait for Daenerys to unleash hellfire. Without spoiling anything, her "new army" scene was probably my favorite part of the entire series.

Enjoy the weekend, fellow nerds!



I could stare at these guys all day ... unless I saw one while swimming, in which case they should all die.