img_7038We’ve been playing a lot of baseball recently, although I must confess it’s a treat to play with Wonder Woman (holding bat) while Wonder Dad lounges in the middle with Wonder Sis. Clearly our Tuesdays are so unbearable, what with all all the sunshine, grass and good underwear-on-the-outside superhero costumed friends  …

Peapod Fabrics

img_5898I am incredibly excited to share where we get most of our fabric for dresses, bags, shirts, banners, whatever.Peapod Fabrics.The store recently moved to a new location (1400 Irving Street at 15th Avenue), and I wanted to help spread the word.*We usually pop in on a weekend afternoon after a hike or a day trip, picking up enough yards of cute and modern fabric to keep us crafting through the week. The store is even bigger now and has a lot more on display, including patterns and a special place for these super soft Japanese fabrics — not to mention some wonderful kid spaces with vintage books and tiny chairs. Emme likes to peruse the bolts of fabric before picking up a book.img_5885We still go to Britex of JoAnn Fabrics occasionally, but they cannot compare or compete on any level with Peapod and its amazing owner, Yoshko. She makes a big city feel like a small town. It makes our day to stop in and say hi. And the new store is just overwhelming in its cuteness. Take a look at the photo below, and then read this story from Yoshko’s blog. I think she did an amazing job creating a craft paradise.img_5889I do hope you’ll stop by if you’re in the neighborhood or just looking for a new, fun place to check out. In the story about how she created the new shop, Yoshko said a longtime neighborhood resident stopped her one day and said the new place was the cutest shop she’d ever seen on the block.  I think it’s the coolest shop in the entire city.img_5907*Just to be clear, I’m not being paid or given discounts for this post — or any post. (My contact page should make that abundantly clear.)  I simply wanted to share a great San Francisco gem.

Feed bag party favors

img_6905Just wanted to quickly share a fun party favor bag trick. I used some canvas aprons to make these feed bags, cutting them so I could use the pre-hemmed apron sides as the top of the bag. No hemming for these sausage fingers! That is always a plus in my book. Then I used the apron straps for the feed bag straps. Dana filled the bags with candy corn, edible grass, a toy horse and a carrot — the perfect feed bag for a jockey party.We lined them up for the guests, but unfortunately Crystal Warrior got to a few before we could stop her …img_6631